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Compact $2/ mile

compact cars are best for those who don't need much seating or trunk space. Most compact cars have four-cylinder engines, and while they generate decent power for driving around the city, some can struggle to get up to highway speeds. Compact cars’ small size makes them great for parking in small cities and getting in and out of parking spots.

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Full Size  $2/ mile

A full-size car is a marketing term used in North America for an automobile larger than a mid-size car. Traditional U.S. full-size passenger cars were designed to be comfortable for six occupants and their luggage for long-distance driving.

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Minivan  $2/ mile

Minivan offers higher h-point seating, two or three rows of seating, easy passenger and cargo access with sliding wide-opening rear doors and large rear hatch, and a re-configurable interior volume with seats that recline, slide, tumble, fold flat or allow easy removal — enabling users to reprioritize passenger and cargo volumes.

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SUV $2/ mile

SUV, A sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle classified as a light truck, but operated as a family vehicle. ... Some SUVs include the towing capacity of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan or large sedan.

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Executive $2/ mile

The executive car was seen as aspirational, hence the emphasis on good performance and premium features - but it was also a business tool enabling its users to exploit Britain and Europe's evolving motorway networks.

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